Westmont’s Abby Rumohr achieved NAIA All-American status in the women’s pole vault at the NAIA Track & Field Championships on Wednesday in Marion, Ind.

Rumohr has been within a clearance or two of All-American honors on multiple occasions in the past, including as recently as this March, when the junior finished in 10th place at Indoor Nationals.

On Wednesday, shef cleared 3.45m and 3.50m on her second try at each height, before clearing 3.60m on her first attempt.

Then, after failing to get over the bar at 3.65m on her first two attempts, Rumohr tied her career-best clearance of 3.65m on her third attempt, putting her within one clearance of All-American honors with nine competitors remaining.

On her first attempt at 3.70m (12-1.75), Rumohr became only the third woman in program history to clear the height, putting All-American honors within sight. After the eventual ninth-place finisher failed to clear 3.70m, Rumohr and her coach, Brett Shagena, embraced, as Rumohr had finally gotten over the hump in her final NAIA meet.

Rumohr was unable to clear 3.75m, but finished the pole vault in sixth place, allowing the junior to leave with an NAIA All-American medal for the first time in her career.

“Indoors was really disappointing for me this year,” acknowledged Rumohr. “I really wanted to be an All-American, I really wanted a PR, and I had a chance to do both, but failed to do so. The fact that I did both here, is huge.

“It was my last shot, and I pulled through. I couldn’t be more stoked about that. The whole way down the runway I was just wanting to give glory to the Lord. He’s gotten me here, and I’m glorifying Him with this ability that He’s given me.”