John Petote, CEO and owner of CIO Solutions, a Santa Barbara-based IT support, management and consulting firm, has joined the board of directors of the UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project.

Petote’s nomination and confirmation came in late October.

Petote has owned and operated CIO Solutions since its conception in 1986, thus bringing more than 20 years of business experience to the project. Petote joins many distinguished members of the community on the board. Click here to view a full listing of the Santa Barbara County Board of Directors for the UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project.

The UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project was established in 1981 to provide Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties with reliable information regarding economic, demographic and regional business trends. The Department of Economics at UCSB was the original proponent and sponsor for the project, but the project has since become a self-supporting and community‐sponsored research program.

The program uses the information gathered to publish detailed economic and demographic forecasts that are then distributed to California communities via the Internet, publications and events held across the state and throughout the year. Click here for a schedule of events and available downloads.

The program also offers a variety of services, including consulting services, forecasting services and surveying services. The UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project is vital to the business owners in the Tri‐County area because it provides valuable projections of future economic activity in the area.

CIO Solutions provides enterprise‐class IT management and consulting services to the Tri‐Counties. Click here for more information.

— Hannah Rich is a marketing coordinator for CIO Solutions.