Marymount of Santa Barbara’s dress code forbids hats in the classroom, but on Friday, students will wear hats of every kind, size and shape — no matter how crazy.

The only requirement is a donation of any amount to Marymount’s “Hats for Haiti” fundraiser benefiting Direct Relief International’s Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund.

At 1:53 p.m., the exact time of the earthquake, everyone at Marymount will take their “Hats Off for Haiti.” Students and teachers will remove their hats and set aside the whimsy for a collective and
solemn moment of remembrance and silent prayer.

“While ‘breaking the rules’ with a crazy hat will be fun, students will also be reminded that this is our effort to raise money for Haitian relief following their devastating earthquake,” Head of School Deborah David said. “The quake and two aftershocks have left that country reeling and many Haitian children homeless or orphaned. In fact, we’ll be taking our ‘Hats Off for Haiti’ at the exact time the quake struck and have a schoolwide moment of silent prayer for the victims, both living and deceased.

“It’s so important for our children to know that Marymount’s students are spiritually intertwined with all the children of the world. One country’s triumph is everyone’s joy, and one nation’s sorrow is everyone’s grief.”

— Deborah David is the head of school at Marymount of Santa Barbara.