Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Simi Valley, released the following statement on Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address Monday:

“Last year, the state spent $92 billion in general fund dollars. This year, we’re projected to take in about $90 in revenue, and yet the governor’s budget calls for almost $100 billion in spending. The Democrats in Sacramento just keep coming back for more. They need to maximize the dollars that do come to Sacramento and just deal with it.

“The governor and legislative Democrats are throwing around nothing but hyperbole and scare tactics to justify doubling your car tax and raising your sales and income taxes by extending the largest tax increase in California history.

“There are families across California who wish they could go out to eat more often or buy a new car, but understand during these tough economic times, they have to budget their money and only spend within their means. California government should have to do the same.”

— Matt Guthrie is a communications director for Sen. Tony Strickland, who represents California Senate District 19.