Tim Allison, a congressional candidate for California District 24, has signed the Fair Campaign Practices Pledge and has called upon his fellow Democratic candidates to do the same.

“I am running for Congress in a time where our government, our Congress and our institution of governance is being severely tested,” Allison said. “If the people in California District 24 are to believe and trust that their representatives will take their personal vision to Washington seriously, I must work to earn their trust. Today I signed the Fair Campaign Practices Pledge, a pledge that holds me and my campaign to a high standard of ethics and a code of trust. I enlist my fellow Democratic candidates to do the same. It is the very least we can do for our constituents and to gain the public’s trust.”

The Fair Campaign Practices Pledge, a Democratic Party pledge, invokes a candidate’s responsibility to provide voters with truthful, fair and clean campaigns, and to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a civil, issue-oriented exchange with their fellow candidates.

With this pledge, candidates sign their names to conduct their campaign openly, fairly and truthfully. They will not engage in unfair or misleading attacks upon the character or value of their democratic opponents, and they pledge not to distribute negative messages about their Democratic opponent. They will not permit the use of any opposition research, campaign material or advertisement that misrepresents, distorts or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding their Democratic opponent.

In signing this pledge, Allison agrees to ensure that his campaign materials and advertisements clearly identify the materials, and his campaign will promptly and publicly condemn the actions and statements of any individual or group whose activities violate this pledge.

— Linda Gassaway is the communications director for the Tim Allison for Congress campaign.