Tim Allison declared his official congressional candidacy for California’s District 24.

Tim Allison

Tim Allison

Elton Gallegly has been in office for 23 years, and it is 23 years too many. Enough is enough. The residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties deserve accessible, energetic and responsive representation, and I am the best candidate to do this,” Allison said over the weekend to a Camarillo crowd of more than 80 people.

Allison has filed as a candidate and will return his nominating papers to the county elections office later this week.

The campaign’s field director, Deborah Dent of Simi Valley, said, “I believe Tim’s ongoing involvement in community issues, as well as his professional background as a real estate broker and small-business owner give him a unique perspective on the problems facing the constituents of the 24th. Tim works daily with people in our district solving their housing and mortgage issues. More than any other candidate in this race, Tim understands the challenges this economy has placed on our friends, families and communities.”

Brian Leshon, chairman of the Ventura County Democratic Party, said, “Elton Gallegly is a career politician and one of the most ineffective members of Congress in the country. This is the year that the voters in Ventura and Santa Barbara County’s will send the message that incompetent officials shouldn’t automatically be re-elected.”

In closing, Allison said, “I will work hard to jump-start our economy while rebuilding our education and transportation infrastructure, improve our schools and create jobs, especially in alternative energy, high-tech businesses such as medical instruments and medical technology and in green businesses. We deserve a representative in Washington who will work hard everyday for their constituents.

“We have serious problems in this country, and the public is tired of elected officials who are part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

— Linda Gassaway is the communications director for the Tim Allison for Congress campaign.