The National Federation of Independent Business has given state Sen. Tony Strickland a 100 percent rating on issues affecting small businesses in California.

The rating is a reflection of Strickland’s voting record during the 2009 legislative session.

“Small businesses are the backbone of California’s economy, and I am honored to receive this high rating from NFIB,” Strickland said. “With local businesses struggling to keep people employed and remain solvent, my voting record reflects both an effort to advance business-friendly laws as well as stand against burdensome, regulatory policies that are suffocating small businesses.”

The NFIB was founded in 1943 to promote and protect the interests of small and independent businesses in America. Its efforts in California have included a study on the impacts of regulations in the state. Compliance with California regulations cost each small business $134,122.48, and this figure doesn’t include indirect costs such as lost wages and revenues. This study also found an average loss of one job per small business.

“With many Californians being employed by a small business, we cannot continue to throw sand in the gears of the engine that runs our economy,” Strickland said. “Job creation and restoring our economy should be California’s first, second and third priority. Removing bureaucratic barriers to growing our economy is essential to solving our financial crisis and putting Californians back to work. I remain committed to helping small businesses thrive in California.”

In his continued effort to address the concerns of businesses, Strickland, along with other area legislators, will hear testimony from local employers at a Legislative Business Forum in his district on Friday. For more information, call 805.306.8886.

— Matt Guthrie is a communications director for Sen. Tony Strickland, who represents California Senate District 19.