With his experience in the military and business, Tom Watson says he has what it takes to be the next congressman for the 23rd District.

Flanked by supporters, family and friends at his campaign announcement Thursday at Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort in Santa Barbara, Watson said if elected he would help cut government spending, encourage tax reform and job creation in the private sector, and keep an emphasis on national security.

“It’s simply immoral to burden future generations with debt they had no hand in creating,” he said.

A retired Navy officer and technology industry businessman, he said regular citizens need to take control of the government away from career politicians.

He spoke out against government spending, a hostile business climate and trepidation in national security policies, with an emphasis on responsible spending.

“I promise I will not waste your money,” Watson said.

Supporters spoke of his life experience and quality of character, saying he’s ready to give back again after many years of service.

He was joined by his wife, Leslie, and young son Tommy. The entire group sang “God Bless America” as a keyboardist played the melody.

Click here to visit Watson’s campaign Web site.

Noozhawk staff writer Giana Magnoli can be reached at gmagnoli@noozhawk.com.

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Giana Magnoli, Noozhawk Managing Editor

Noozhawk managing editor Giana Magnoli can be reached at gmagnoli@noozhawk.com.