Warm skies along with a warm atmosphere hung over the intense battle between both boys’ tennis teams Friday at the Dos Pueblos High School courts vs. Stockdale (12-5).

Big serves and aggressive play could be seen on most courts. This was the fourth match in a row for the Chargers (8-4). If they were tired, they did not show it, winning 10-8.

In singles, Patrick Corpuz swept 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. The Chargers fared better against the Division I, Central Section Mustangs in doubles and took seven sets.

Mason Casady and Joshua Wang continued their stellar doubles by sweeping 6-2, 6-1, 6-1. Their record stands at 22-2. Greg Steigerwald and Andrew Tufenkian took well more than an hour for their first set, which finished with a tiebreaker that went DP’s way (7-0). They then swept the next two rounds. Adding the seventh set were Ankush Khemani and Noah Gluschankoff.

All in all, a fine match with great sportsmanship from both teams. At the end, both teams shook hands and headed to Ming Dynasty to have dinner together.

On Monday, Dos Pueblos will host a league match with Ventura.

Box Scores

» Dos Pueblos Singles — Patrick Corpuz 3-0; Caleb Franzen 0-2; Dylan Zapata 0-1; Quinn Hensley 0-3

» Stockdale Singles — John Flores 2-1; Matt Nisson 2-1; Vansh Agarwal 2-1

» Dos Pueblos Doubles — Mason Casady/Joshua Wang 3-0; Greg Steigerwald/Andrew Tufenkian 3-0; Ankush Khemani/Noah Gluschankoff 1-2

» Stockdale Doubles — Patrick Nassar/Nizan Khan 1-2; Andrew Schwartz/Matt Wells 1-2; Andre Paradise/Edward Ramirez 0-3

— Liz Frech coaches boys’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High School.