UCSB Arts & Lectures has received a gift of $100,000 from SAGE, an independent academic and professional publisher, for education outreach for the current season.

Arts & Lectures’ award-winning education outreach program features lecture-demonstrations and classroom discussions with visiting performing artists at local elementary and high schools, colleges and other public settings, serving both students and traditionally underserved populations.

In the past year, more than 27,500 college and school-aged students and community members have participated in Arts & Lectures’ education outreach program.

“Arts & Lectures is grateful for the generous support of SAGE,” said Celesta Billeci, Miller McCune executive director of UCSB Arts & Lectures. “Its gift has made it possible for us to give back to the community, providing students from kindergarten through college one-of-a-kind opportunities to see world-class performing artists up close and learn from them, making memories that will last a lifetime and inspiring the next generation of artists, arts appreciators and audiences.”

“SAGE is committed to supporting programs that elevate and inspire thinkers in a variety of different ways,” SAGE President and CEO Blaise Simqu said. “The UC Santa Barbara Arts & Lectures program strengthens the educational experience of university students and the UCSB community alike by promoting creative thought and artistic excellence. Here at SAGE, we applaud UC Santa Barbara for its strong academic tradition and are proud to be sponsoring the UCSB Arts & Lectures program.”

— Karna Hughes is a senior writer and publicist for UCSB Arts & Lectures.