The “Voyage for Cleaner Energy,” a five-year worldwide lecture series and sailing expedition focusing on climate change, will be arriving at the Santa Barbara Harbor on Sunday. The SV 2041 vessel is helmed by British polar explorer and environmental leader Robert Swan.

Swan will give a public lecture on his voyage at 2 p.m. Sunday at the

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

and free dockside tours will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Tours will showcase the sailboat, designed with extensive eco-friendly features including sails made from recycled plastic bottles, a biodiesel engine, solar panels, wind turbines, a nontoxic deck surface, and green technology and gears.

The “Voyage for Cleaner Energy” is part of a global educational expedition that includes stops in the United States, China, Europe, India and Russia. The mission aims to build awareness in the next generation of leaders to develop more renewable energy technologies. For more information on the “Voyage for Cleaner Energy” and presentations, contact Diana Vandenburg at 415.517.2394.

Karl Treiberg is the

Santa Barbara Waterfront Department

‘s facilities manager.