Several people have asked me if I am supporting Mike Stoker for Assembly in light of the fact that I had been approached to run for the seat. They obviously are not on Facebook yet or they would know exactly where I stand on this question.

So I want to make the following as clear as I can:

I could not be more enthusiastic in my support for Mike Stoker’s candidacy for the Assembly. I believe Mike’s experience in government and in business, together with his nearly unparalleled knowledge of public policy and commitment to lower taxes and economic growth, makes him the absolute best person for this very important job.

California is at a crossroads and we need the proven leadership that Mike Stoker can and will provide when he is sworn in as our next Assemblyman from the 35th District. I intend to do all I can to help Mike win this seat in November 2010, and I urge every resident of the district who cares about the current condition of our state to support Mike Stoker so we can get California back on track.

Joe Armendariz
Carpinteria councilman