California Solar Electric has signed an agreement with EchoFirst Inc. to deploy the Echo solar system as one of its exclusive solar solutions. The revolutionary Echo solar system is a complete solar solution that enables homeowners to generate much more of their own energy than a basic solar electric photovoltaic system.

“California Solar Electric is delighted to be teaming up with EchoFirst to ensure that their customers realize the tremendous benefits of Echo’s game-changing technology,” said Don “Cam” Campbell, owner and president of California Solar Electric. “Increasingly, our customers are looking for a complete solution for energy efficiency and sustainability, and Echo helps us deliver that comprehensive, turnkey solution.

“Echo doesn’t just generate electricity like a basic solar electric PV system, it also helps our homeowners meet their total home-heating and cooling needs.”

“Echo is the ideal option for homeowners who are looking for a total solution to their energy needs,” said Vikas Desai, CEO of EchoFirst. “Echo is the only solar system that generates all the types of energy a homeowner needs — electricity to power the home, as well as hot water, and solar home heating, cooling, and fresh-air ventilation.

“Additionally, Echo includes advanced technology that lets homeowners use their mobile phone as a remote control for their home thermostat. Now homeowners can control their home environment from anywhere in the world. We are excited to have a top-quality company like California Solar Electric become one of our Echo Preferred Partners.”

Echo solar systems are being deployed by national homebuilders such as Meritage Homes and Shea Homes, large regional homebuilders such as Garbett Homes and Joseph Carl Homes, and homebuilders and remodelers seeking to maximize the energy efficiency of their homes.

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— Helen Solomon represents California Solar Electric.