Latin Grammy Award-winning super group Los Tigres del Norte will return to the Chumash Casino Resort to perform its fans’ favorite norteno genre hits at 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30 in the Samala Showroom.

Tickets are $45, $60, $75, $90 and $105.

Los Tigres del Norte, which is known for playing without a set list and relying on loyal fans’ song requests, has won six Latin Grammys, sold more than 34 million records since it started recording in 1972 and set an indoor attendance record for a concert at the Houston Astrodome in 2002, with a crowd of 67,002.

Los Tigres del Norte, which features Jorge Hernández (lead vocals and accordion) and his brothers Hernán (bass), Eduardo (accordion, saxophone, bass) and Luis (guitar), as well as his cousin Oscar Lara (drums), rose to fame with the 1972 hit “Contrabando y Traición.” Like most of the band’s songs, this hit was a corrido, which is a style of narrative song common to the mestizo cultural area of North America, including the northern states of Mexico as well as the Southwest of the United States. Traditionally, corridos feature a salutation or prologue, a story, often a legend or ballad of a hero or criminal native to northern Mexico, and, in conclusion, a moral or lesson.

But Los Tigres del Norte has taken a more modern approach to songwriting, emphasizing contemporary social themes common to Mexican-Americans. For example, “Contrabando y Traición” features a pair of lovers who traffic marijuana across the border in the tires of a car.

Throughout its long and storied career, Los Tigres del Norte has worked to maintain a respectable image, never glamorizing the drug trade nor any other criminal activity. The group refuses to be photographed with so much as a gun in sight. This air of respectability helped them expand their audience demographically as well as internationally.

In total, Los Tigres del Norte has released more than 50 albums, recorded more than 500 songs and appeared in more than a dozen films. Most recently, musicians Diego Torres, Zack de la Rocha, Andrés Calamaro and others helped the group celebrate its career on the spirited 2011 live album MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this world-renowned Latin band perform live at the Chumash Casino Resort.

Located on Highway 246 in Santa Ynez, the Chumash Casino Resort is an age 18-or-older venue. Tickets for all events are available at the Chumash Casino Resort’s Club Chumash. Click here or call StarTicketsPlus at 800.585.3737.

— Mike Traphagen is a public relations specialist for the Chumash Casino Resort.