The next giant frontier for mobile technology will be like a scene out of The Matrix, according to Santa Barbara entrepreneur Jacques Habra.

“There’s an argument being stated that, ‘Why would you necessarily read that science book if that book could, via RFID or Bluetooth, interface with my synapses?’” said Habra, founder of Noospheric and FirstClickSEO. “If it was, I could access that information a la the Matrix anytime I want. That notion may seem insanely futuristic, but it’s not that unbelievable.”

Habra discussed the evolution of mobile technology and how it can be applied to marketing strategies at the second Santa Barbara Mobile Meetup on Thursday night at ZOS Communications, 121 Gray Ave., Suite 101.

He explained the different kinds of apps — reactive, proactive and thinking. Reactive apps such as Safari respond to user input, proactive apps such as Pandora use user input to generate tools and suggestions, and thinking apps are ones that anticipate a person’s wants and needs based on integration with multiple apps and data sources.

“That app is not only measuring a person’s heart rate or EKG, but it’s transmitting data to your physician and comparing data of people similar to you,” Habra said. “So it’s proactively telling you how you are doing, whether you’re training for a marathon or recovering from a heart attack.”

Gideon Rubin, chief operating officer of Lenco Mobile USA Inc., discussed interesting statistics regarding the mobile market. For instance, the average email gets returned in 90 minutes and the average text message is returned in 90 seconds.

“People used to think email as personalized communication; now that’s mobile because 91 percent of people have their phone on them 24/7,” Rubin said. “The next important marketing tool will be multimedia messaging. That is what has been the differentiator for us.”

There are 6.8 billion people in the world, and 5.1 billion own a mobile device. Rubin said that although it may be easier to reach people than before, quality content is still paramount.

“Mobile has finally arrived as a potential for every business. It’s not something that’s out there or esoteric. Even if you have a tiny budget you can do a mobile campaign for $20 a month,” he said. “But traditional marketing still applies. You still have to have a great product and a great message to engage customers. Mobile is just the way to do it.”

Jonathan DeLong, executive vice president of product marketing for ZOS Communications, gave a demo of the company’s mobile location services technology.

“People still think of a smartphone as an entertainment and productivity tool, but people will start to realize that it will literally be like carrying around an accessible expert of all topics,” Habra said.

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