There’s nothing to debate about “gay marriage” because marriage is between a man and woman, period!

The homosexual movement is trying to purposely offend the majority. Homosexuals and others already have civil unions and domestic partnerships that are the legal equivalent to “marriage.” Homosexuals know the term “marriage” is traditionally defined and accepted as “man and woman.” Rather than come up with their own definition for their homosexual relationships, they try to commandeer another societal norm attempting to redefine marriage to include themselves under the false and so heavily abused doctrine of “tolerance” and “equality.”

What if former President George W. Bush all of a sudden one day decided to redefine himself as an African-American, then publicly announce this on national television? All Americans, especially black civil rights leaders, would refuse and decry such an atrocious statement.

However, for spite, let’s say Bush retaliated against America, especially against the black community, by stating he is going to enact legislation to force everyone to refer to and include himself as black even though he is not. This would be the equivalent of homosexuals “redefining” marriage — something we will never tolerate.

This “tolerance” stuff has gone too far.

Robert Yapp