Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, applauded the performance of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama in Friday’s debate at the University of Mississippi. Capps watched the debate from Washington, where she is continuing to work on the economic crisis that is gripping the nation.

“Sen. Obama showed tonight why he is the right choice for president,” Capps said. “He clearly understands the complex economic challenges we face and the steps we must take to address them. He has a firm grasp of the many national security challenges confronting the country and he showed tonight how his policies would keep America safe. I have been impressed with his judgment and temperament, and tonight was no exception.”

“Conversely, Sen. (John) McCain only reinforced my deep concern about his candidacy. He continues to push the same belligerent and counterproductive policies as President Bush. And while the economic news over the last couple weeks has been deeply concerning, Sen. McCain’s rather bizarre reaction to it has also been troubling. I am very concerned about his lack of understanding of our economic troubles and his erratic decision-making skills. I think they highlight his unsuitability for the job.

“After eight long years of the Bush administration’s mismanagement and failed policies, America is facing serious challenges on all fronts. We need a president who has the judgment and temperament to lead this nation in these troubled times. Sen. Obama showed us again that he is the right person for the job.”

Sarah Ethington is Rep. Lois Capps’ campaign manager.