Teams PayJunction and the Renewable Riders AKA “Super Squirrels” both earned 302 points, tying for first place in Traffic Solutions’ Commute Challenge.

Nearly every team member logged a trip everyday during the two-month competition. Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal joined Traffic Solutions in rewarding each winning team member with $100 for exceptional performance.

Click here to view the top 101 teams and their prizes.

Commute Challenge participants made a tremendous impact on the community in just two months:

» 568 metric tons of CO2 eliminated.

» 43,241 drive-alone car trips eliminated.

» 65,411 gallons of gas saved.

» 1,373,634 miles reduced.

» 11,032 trips eliminated along the Highway 101 Milpas to Hotsprings construction zone.

Has the Commute Challenge changed your life? Do you consider yourself to be a recent convert to alternative transportation and have a great story to tell? Traffic Solutions is looking for individuals who would be interested in participating in TV, radio and newspaper interviews, as well as provide video testimonials.