Das Williams is not getting the message.

I recently attended a forum featuring the candidates for the 35th Assembly District, and I’m sure glad I did.

When you hear their solutions to some of our issues, it’s clear who we must elect. For example, when asked, if elected, what legislation he would immediately author that would create jobs in this district, Williams quickly and eagerly answered that he would propose legislation that would establish a new government-mandated waste recycling program on all cities and counties. He claims such a program would create jobs everywhere in the state. He didn’t mention where the revenue stream would come from to support the wages and benefits of these new jobs.

It’s not hard to figure out that such programs could hardly pay for themselves by generating a profit, thereby supporting the new jobs and the administration of the new program. The money for such a program can only come from new taxes and fees on individual property owners, renters and business owners. Who else?

Williams’ answer to creating more jobs is more government and more taxes and fees. I’m just afraid he isn’t getting the message: We don’t want more government and more taxes. If his only solution to creating more jobs is to create more government jobs paid for by taxpayers, well, that is not an acceptable solution.

Additionally, he made himself clear that the only way out of this current mess is to raise taxes. He believes we have a revenue problem not a spending problem.

One last thing that caught my attention was that he actually bragged about how hard he has had to fight for a balanced budget while serving as a city councilman in Santa Barbara. I would like to know who the heck he was fighting. Were there actually others fighting for an unbalanced deficit budget? The fact is that state law dictates that cities must establish a balanced budget, so there is no one to fight.

The reality is that Williams fought to “balance” the budget by spending down nearly all of our reserves. That’s not the kind of leadership I’m looking for to represent me in the Legislature.

I’m going to support Mike Stoker. I want more jobs and less government. Williams is just not getting the message!

Doug Van Pelt
Santa Barbara