Leon Kolankiewicz makes an excellent point in that to solve the population problem we must first confront “politics of immigration and family planning.” It is hard to miss the fact that the U.S. population is growing fastest in the 12 million-strong immigrant community and, in fact, is only growing in the Hispanic community.

In his excellent new book, Sex and War, Malcolm Potts, an evolutionary biologist and obstetrician, makes the point that family planning is the best strategy for world peace. The doctor bases this prescription on the fact that whenever good family planning has been in place and women have been empowered in reproductive choice, the population has stabilized. He makes the additional point as an evolutionary biologist that women lack the evolutionary predisposition for team aggression that male humans have. In fact, they have an evolutionary predisposition for nurturing instead.

Perhaps we should bombard Pakistan and Afghanistan with family planning, not bombs.

Rowland Anderson
Santa Barbara