A recount of ballots cast in Santa Barbara’s first mail-only election this month is now complete. The City Clerk’s Office said Thursday there was no change to the outcomes of the races or measures.

The recount was conducted after Santa Barbara City Clerk Services Manager Cyndi Rodriguez discovered through a manual audit that a voting machine had not counted votes on some ballots because of a calibration error.

She announced Wednesday that a complete recount would be done to ensure accuracy.

Administrative services director Marcelo Lopez said in a news release on Wednesday that it appeared the voting machine used by the contracted ballot counters lacked the sensitivity to read some of the lighter-shaded marks for votes cast for City Council candidates and Measures D and E. The reader problem did not affect the race for mayor and/or Measures B and C.

The recount occurred at 10 a.m. Thursday in the Council Chambers. A public notice with the results of the recount has been posted at City Hall. Lopez said the results also will be available on the city’s election Web site.

The recount process included extensive pre-, midpoint and post-recount testing.

A logic and accuracy test of the ballot-counting machine was conducted before beginning the recount. A second logic and accuracy test was done at the midway point, and again after all of the ballots were recounted. In addition, the final test of the ballot-counting machine included a test of the machine-generated count of the precinct manually tallied. All four tests administered confirmed 100 percent accuracy.

The City Council is scheduled to certify the results of the election on Nov. 24.

— Marcelo López is an administrative services director for the city of Santa Barbara.