At 9:07 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to 300 block of West Valerio Street on a call of a stabbing. Minutes later, officers received a call of a second stabbing victim at 300 block of West Arrellaga St.

An 18-year-old Hispanic male suspect was traveling northbound on Bath Street near Micheltorena Street in a white Toyota Tundra. The suspect was accompanied by an unknown number of individuals. The suspect saw a 17-year-old Hispanic male juvenile on Bath Street near the intersection of Bath and Arrellaga streets.

The vehicle stopped and the suspect accompanied by another male confronted the 17-year-old. The suspect asked the 17-year-old where he was from. He claimed from a rival gang and a fight ensued.

During the fight, a 15-year-old male juvenile was walking in the area, saw the fight and went to the aid of his 17-year-old friend. At that time, the 17-year-old ran away suffering from a stab wound to his abdomen. The 15-year-old was left fighting the suspect and an additional subject.

During the fight, the 15-year-old suffered several superficial stab wounds. He produced his own knife and stabbed the suspect in the ear and neck area. The suspect suffered a laceration to his neck and the loss of a portion of his ear.

The vehicle and the individual who aided the suspect in the fight were not located at the scene and are still outstanding. The suspect and two juveniles injured in the fight were transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and were treated and admitted for non-life-threatening wounds.

The incident is considered gang related. No arrests have been made. The investigation is continuing, and authorities ask the public to call in if they have information on this incident.

Lorenzo Duarte is a sergeant with the Santa Barbara Police Department.