It’s a match made in heaven — Aspiranet’s commitment to foster families and a corporation with a will to support its inspiring work.

Thus, while many simply advocate for the support of low-income families, Oakridge Old Navy and Aspiranet have taken action, last week delivering free clothing to nine foster children in three homes.

Old Navy store manager Eric Jasmine visited the families at the San Jose Aspiranet offices to deliver the goods.

The event inspired Jasmine to network with other store managers, resulting in a broader alliance between Aspiranet and Old Navy, to commence Monday, when 10 stores — from the South Bay to the Gold Coast, including Santa Barbara, Oakridge, Fremont, Eastridge, Marina, Salinas, Gilroy, San Louis Obispo, Valley Fair and Westgate — will place donation barrels in stores for customers who join the effort.

The donation program will run through Dec. 5.

— Tina Vervoorn is a publicist.