The Santa Barbara Airport’s new larger airline terminal is under construction with completion expected in early 2011.

The new terminal will have additional space for multiple food and beverage and retail units. Currently, there are just two concessionaires — a national food and beverage company that operates a full-service restaurant and snack bar, and a local gift shop/ newsstand retailer — in the existing 20,000-square-foot terminal because of space constraints.

The second floor of the new 67,000-square-foot terminal will be the primary space for a variety of concessions. The space is in the secured boarding gate area for ticketed passengers. Local businesses are encouraged to consider operating in this environment, which will have an average of 1,000-plus potential customers each day.

An informational meeting for prospective concessionaires will be from 10 a.m. to noon Dec. 10 in the airport departments’ administration conference room at 601 Firestone Road, Santa Barbara (next to the Elephant Bar Restaurant off Hollister Avenue near Fairview Avenue).

The meeting will provide useful information to retailers and restaurateurs in an effort to develop strong local participation in concession opportunities at the airport.

There will be presentations by airport director Karen Ramsdell and assistant airport director Hazel Johns as well as the airport’s concession consultants, explaining the requirements for operating in a post security airport setting.

For more information about SBA concessions, contact Johns at 805.967.7111 or

— Terri Gibson is the marketing and communications director for the Santa Barbara Airport.