The mayors of Oxnard and Ventura have endorsed Susan Jordan for the 35th District Assembly seat in 2010.

“She’s just what we need in Sacramento — smart, hardworking, knowledgeable and committed to finding practical solutions for California’s most challenging problems,” Ventura Mayor Christy Weir said.

Oxnard’s Mayor Tom Holden also had high praise.

“Our state needs strong leaders like Susan Jordan, who will fight for the people they are elected to represent — not the special interests,” Holden said. “Susan has proven that she is a smart and effective advocate for the citizens of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, and that’s why she has earned my support for state Assembly.”

Jordan is an award-winning environmental leader, businesswoman, health advocate, mother and former local planning commissioner with 15 years of experience working to protect California’s coastline as an economic, environmental and recreational resource.

“Mayor Weir and Mayor Holden are well-respected leaders in their communities, and their support means a great deal to me,” Jordan said. “I am committed to upholding the trust they have put in me. Our local governments have suffered in this economy, and I will fight to maintain and restore funding for the cities in my district so they can provide essential local services such as fire, paramedic and police services as well as safe roads and a cleaner environment.

“Constituent services will be among my highest priorities if elected. My district office will always be open and available to help.”

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