On Monday, the Fire Chiefs Association of Santa Barbara County formally declared an end to what has become to be known as high fire season.

The declaration will let some jurisdictions begin issuing hazardous vegetation reduction burn permits, which are allowed in only certain areas. Check with local fire departments for more information on restrictions.

National forest, county, city and special district fire chiefs agree that there is no longer any nonfire season in Southern California.

“In Southern California, we have experienced devastating wild land fires as late in the year as December, and as early as March,” said Michael Mingee, president of the Fire Chiefs Association. “We remain vigilant in our protection levels while realizing that potentials can be somewhat reduced after significant long-term weather changes. This period is known as low fire season.”

Agencies that allow for burning are still restricted by local ordinance and Air Pollution Control Districts.

— Geri Ventura is a spokeswoman for the Montecito Fire Protection District.