Preparing to Pickle
Preparing to Pickle (Apples to Zucchini Cooking School photo)

Noozhawk’s ParentNooz Camp Guide is officially here and we made sure to make things easy when planning your child’s summer!

To give parents the tools to help make informed decisions about Summer Camps for their kids in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk has conducted a series of interviews with representatives of local programs for this year’s Summer Camp Guide.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke with Nancy Martz, Executive Director at Apples to Zucchini Cooking School to learn more about the summer camps they are offering this year.

Apples to Zucchini Cooking School

Question: What is the name of your camp or program?

Answer: Apples to Zucchini Cooking School. We offer the following camps:

Plant Powered Kids

Baking: Sweet and Savory Treats from the Oven

The Spice Route: Flavors of Asia

Tasty Transformations: The Fun Science of Food

Sabor: Flavors of Spain and Latin America

Mangia: Regional Italian Dishes

Q: What is the focus of your camp or program?

A: The focus of our camps are cooking, eating, nutrition, old-fashioned summer camp fun.

Q: How many years has the camp been running? Do you have any professional accreditations or certifications?

A: Our camps have been around for 4 years. We do not have any professional accreditation or certifications.

Q: What protocols does your camp have in place due to COVID-19?

A: We will follow the state and county mandates at the time of summer camp.

Q: What goals do you have for kids participating in your camp or program?

A: We want kids to enjoy cooking and eating together! Campers will have opportunities to taste new and unfamiliar foods and ingredients. In hands-on classes, they will learn proper cooking techniques, how to read and follow a recipe, and how to clean up when they are done. Meals are eaten together, family style. They will also go on food-related field trips (covid protocols pending), and have guest speakers, too.

Q: Describe a typical day for a child attending your camp or program.

A: In the mornings, we might go on a field trip, have a guest speaker, or start on a recipe that needs some time (like sourdough bread or ricotta cheese or chia jam). In the middle of the day, we will cook together, eat together and clean up together. In the afternoons, we might go on a field trip or have a guest speaker. There is also time for field games, chalk drawing, mad libs, card games, scavenger hunts and other old-fashioned, time-tested fun.

Q: What is the staff to child ratio?

A: We have 3 Chef Educators and 8 volunteers for 24 campers. Campers are divided into younger kids and older kids.

Q: What is the best part, in your opinion, about your camp or program?

A: The food! Tasting, discovering, trying new flavors. Deciding whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. Sitting at the table and having long, lingering conversations.

Q:  In what ways is your camp or program educational?

A: We teach campers where their food comes from and how food can make their bodies feel good or yucky. We teach them how to prepare a meal from start to finish, and how to enjoy a meal over a properly-set table. We teach kids how to grow and harvest food, and about seasonality and eating local.

Q: What is the age and price range of your camp? Do you offer any scholarships?

A: Our camps are for K-3rd and 4th-6th. 5-day camps are $325. Camps during the week of July 4 are $260. Extended day (3:00-5:00) costs $75 for the week.

We do offer scholarships.

Click here to learn more about Apples to Zucchini Cooking School and the summer camps they offer!