Congratulations to 4-year-old Lucia Smith, who will be riding for the Noozhawk brand in Sunday’s Mutton Bustin’ event at the 90th annual Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days Fiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo.

We’re proud to again be a rodeo sponsor and are thrilled to be represented by Lucia — the daughter of Sarah and Aaron Smith of Carpinteria — as she tries to hang on to a sheep for as long as she can. Psst, Lucia: Don’t just keep an iron grip around the sheep’s neck, you’ve got to wrap your legs around its tummy, too.

General admission tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children under 11 for the PRCA rodeo at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are available at the Earl Warren Showgrounds box office, 3400 Calle Real.

Meanwhile, come join Noozhawk on Sunday and help us cheer on Lucia.

Cowgirl up.

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There were 71,744 people who read Noozhawk this past week. What were your top stories?

1. Mixed Emotions Accompany Family’s Plans to Relocate Tino’s Italian Grocery

Valentino “Tino” Ziliotto, longtime owner of the Italian Grocery at 415 E. De la Guerra St. in Santa Barbara, was renowned for his “Super Deluxe” sub sandwiches. The deli and grocery legend died in January at 86.

Coinciding with Ziliotto’s death is a new chapter in the life of the 40-year-old family-owned deli. The business has been incorporated as Tino’s Italian Grocery and will soon be moving into a new location at 210 W. Carrillo St.

The move was forced on the family after Ziliotto and his wife divorced last year. He got to keep the business, but she got the old building.

His nephew, Elio Morinini, took over the business and is running it with his mom, Terry Morinini, Ziliotto’s sister, and his siblings. The Morininis vow to keep Ziliotto’s memory alive by keeping the new place as close to the original as possible, including the famous Super Deluxe subs.

“It’s not ours; it’s his,” said Deanna Morinini, Ziliotto’s niece. “He chose that spot. To leave what he built and come here, it’s sad. But it’s starting a new chapter.”

2. Dog Mauled to Death in Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter

A dog that had been impounded at a Santa Barbara County animal shelter for a fatal attack on another dog, was itself mauled to death in the shelter.

According to the county Public Health Department, which oversees the shelter at 5473 Overpass Road in Goleta, a shelter employee inadvertently left open some of the kennel gates July 24 and several of the dogs made their escape.

Two of them ganged up on a 12-year-old boxer/pit bull/terrier mix named Kitti, killing her.

Kitti had been at the shelter since June 12, following her own fatal attack on another dog.

“We take very seriously the need to protect the animals in our care and know that, while this was a tragic mistake, it was an unacceptable death,” the Public Health Department said in a statement.

Just browsing, but I’ll know the art I want when I see it. (Gina Potthoff / Noozhawk photo)

Just browsing, but I’ll know the art I want when I see it. (Gina Potthoff / Noozhawk photo)

3. Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show a Waterfront Fixture, But Artists Feeling a Squeeze

For almost 50 years, the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show has stretched along the Cabrillo Boulevard sidewalk east of Stearns Wharf, drawing hundreds of artists to the waterfront each Sunday to ply their wares to locals and tourists alike.

The City of Santa Barbara requires participants to pay an annual fee, and vendors must live in Santa Barbara County and showcase their own work. Annual fees from artists total around $100,000, which pays for use of Chase Palm Park, two monitors and other administrative costs.

Jeff Kennedy, a local artist and longtime vendor, told our Gina Potthoff that the show deserves more direct funding from the city for advertising, especially since merchants will be pushed farther east for about 18 months while the State Street Bridge replacement project is under construction.

Senior Parks & Recreation Department supervisor Jason Bryan, who oversees the show, said the timing of the bridge project is unfortunate, since it will coincide with the show’s 50th anniversary in 2015.

But he says artists are involved and vocal about their concerns, and adds that some of the fees have been earmarked for advertising to mark the milestone anniversary.

Gina’s story certainly captured the attention of Noozhawk readers, who have been vigorously debating the situation in our comments section. Click here to add your voice.

4. Bill Macfadyen: Setting the Record Straight About Mission & State

I covered all the bases and need not say more.

The driver of this crumpled big rig suffered only minor injuries in a head-on collision with a pickup truck near Cuyama, but the driver of the pickup was killed. (Mike Czuleger / Santa Barbara County Fire Department photo)

The driver of this crumpled big rig suffered only minor injuries in a head-on collision with a pickup truck near Cuyama, but the driver of the pickup was killed. (Mike Czuleger / Santa Barbara County Fire Department photo)

5. Bakersfield Man Killed in Head-On Crash on Highway 166

A head-on collision between a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer left the pickup driver dead July 28 on Highway 166 near Cuyama.

The crash occurred about 3:15 a.m. near Aliso Canyon Road, about 55 miles east of Santa Maria. The California Highway Patrol said a 2000 GMC Sonoma pickup driven by Isaac Chavez, 29, of Bakersfield, slammed head on into a 2001 Freightliner big rig driven by Alfonso Flores Moreno Jr., 20, also of Bakersfield.

Chavez was killed on impact, the CHP said. Moreno suffered minor injuries but declined medical treatment.  

According to the CHP, Moreno told officers that he was driving west on the highway when the pickup crossed into his lane and struck his truck head on.

The cause of the crash is under investigation, but the CHP said Moreno was not under the influence.

Highway 166 was closed for more than two hours while officers investigated the crash and the wreckage was cleared.

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Give a 3-year-old a drum set … and you’ll probably want to cover your ears. Give him a drum set and put him in front of a symphony orchestra and … wow! Well played, Lyonya Shilovsky. Well played.

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— Bill Macfadyen is Noozhawk’s founder and publisher. Contact him at, follow him on Twitter: @noozhawk, or click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

Bill Macfadyen is Noozhawk’s founder and publisher. Contact him at, and follow him on Instagram: @bill.macfadyen. The opinions expressed are his own.