Loose Goose on a BMX Bike

Carpinteria – A man wearing dark clothing and riding a BMX bicycle is wanted for grabbing the buttocks of a female jogger in a remote area of Carpinteria Bluffs Public Open Space. The victim said the bicyclist continued riding eastbound on the bike path after grabbing at her.

In Search of the Frisbee Basket Bandit

Isla Vista – An employee with the Isla Vista Park and Recreation Department called deputies after finding two Frisbee golf baskets taken from Estero Park. It appeared the suspects used a shovel to remove the targets. The only evidence left at the scene was a dirt trail, perhaps where the heavy poles had been dragged, leading toward a apartment complex. The combined value of the baskets is about $1,000.

The Right to Reside?

Paradise Road – A transient who had set up living quarters inside a government-owned cabin was arrested for unauthorized entry of the vacant building. Admitting he had been living there for “about a week,” the 52-year-old man gained access to the cabin through a broken rear door. In his defense, the man said he pays his taxes and deserves to live in the abandoned abode.

Greedy Orange Grabber

Carpinteria – While the occasional pluck from her orange tree hasn’t bothered her before, an Ogan Road resident called police after a thief picked her entire tree – about 50 pounds of fruit. The victim, 75, values her loss at $50.

Ripe for the Plucking

Carpinteria – Another woman called deputies after finding a man in her yard toting a bag of avocados off her property. Confronting the man, who resembled an employee for the neighboring property on Shepard Mesa Drive, he handed over the fruit. The thief said he was unaware he had crossed the property line.

Teenager Startled by Home Invader

Carpinteria – Deputies were called to a Carpinteria home to investigate a home prowler. A 15-year-old girl was home alone when a man in his 40s appeared inside the house. The girl said she had heard the stranger enter the home but thought it was a student renter until she glanced up to see the man standing a few feet away from her. The man quickly left the same way he had entered – through the unlocked front door.

Four-letter Word Beginning with C

Carpinteria – Unable to decipher the four-letter word beginning with C and spray-painted in pink on his camper shell, the victim called police then used paint remover to clean up the mess.

While You Were Away

Goleta – Leaving his car unlocked on San Juan Place momentarily, a driver was disappointed to discover that the bank deposit bag he had left unattended had gone missing. He said the bag, containing $5,000, had been tucked under the front seat.

Tenant Wears Out His Welcome

Carpinteria – To the best of his ability, a homeowner made a list of the household items taken during a tenant’s stay. After spending the winter in the Midwest, the victim, 53, returned to his temporarily rented, furnished Calle Ocho home to find odds and ends missing, including a TV cabinet, kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons and a vegetable peeler, and a set of 80-year-old mixing bowls valued at $200.

Great Balls of Fire

Montecito – Two charred tennis balls wrapped in tape and stuffed with match heads found along Sycamore Canyon Road may be related to a report of explosions or fireworks heard during a sleepover event at Cold Spring School in Montecito. A parent, who found the unidentifiable objects, contacted police requesting that the explosives be destroyed. After confirming they were no longer dangerous, the balls were booked into an evidence locker.