Daryl Cagle illustration
(Daryl Cagle illustration / caglecartoons.com)

The above is my newest cartoon on President Donald Trump and the coronavirus

I think we’ll be drawing coronavirus cartoons for about three more months. I wanted to do a See No Evil, Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil cartoon and I first thought of doing Trump as a monkey, but that seemed to be nothing but a “name-calling” cartoon because the “monkeyness” dominated it.

So I drew regular Trump in monkey position.

The gag was going to be something about “touching your face,” but I didn’t decide on the wording until after I finished the sketch, as it is easy to see in the scrawl below. (I hear a lot from people who want me to post my dirty, rough sketches, so, OK. I’m not making them pretty just because people will see them. This is the messy truth.)

Daryl Cagle illustration

(Daryl Cagle illustration / caglecartoons.com)

Here are my three, newest, favorite coronavirus cartoons by CagleCartoonists since my last post! The first one is by Steve Sack.

Steve Sack illustration

(Steve Sack illustration / caglecartoons.com)

This one is by Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper illustration

(Peter Kuper illustration / caglecartoons.com)

… And this one is by Dave Whamond.

Dave Whamond

(Dave Whamond illustration / caglecartoons.com)

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