Two girls standing in creek with homemade toy boats.
Making creek boats at Nature Camp. (Enriched Kids photo)

Noozhawk’s ParentNooz Camp Guide is finally here, and we’ve provided the necessary information to help parents and their children decide which programs will be the best fit for them this summer!

To do this, Noozhawk conducted a series of interviews with representatives of local programs for this year’s Summer Camp Guide.

In this interview, Noozhawk sat down with Tracy Thomas, Founder and Director of Enriched Kids to learn more about the summer sessions they are offering this year.

Enriched Kids

Question: What is the name of your camp or program?

Answer: Enriched Kids Nature Camp (Elementary K-4) and Enriched Kids Leaders & Entrepreneurs Camp (Middle Grades 5-9).

Q: What is the focus of your camp or program? 

A: In our elementary Nature Camp, we are focused on exploring nature and inspiring curiosity through play, observation, science experiments, wilderness wanders, interactive activities, arts, crafts, games and spontaneous child-led discovery.

Our middle grades Leaders & Entrepreneurs Camp is designed to build the foundations of a leader for thriving both socially and in business. Both programs are built on principles of kindness and courtesy, which we actively weave into our encouragements throughout the day.

Q: How many years has the camp been running? Do you have any professional accreditations or certifications?

A: This is our third year and our Directors have formal certifications and/or degrees in Forest School Teacher Training, Wilderness First Aid, Social and Emotional Learning and Educational Leadership.

Q: What protocols does your camp have in place due to COVID-19?

Kids posing for picture during wilderness walk.

Wilderness wanders at Nature Camp. (Enriched Kids photo)

A: We operate 100% outdoors, encourage hand-washing, and offer natural hand sanitizer.

Q: What goals do you have for kids participating in your camp or program?

A: We have three primary goals.

Our first goal is for each child to experience joy and wonder as they discover the natural world. We do this by providing a lot of hands-on and interactive activities that keep kids engaged in discovery.

Our second goal is for each child to feel loved and cared for by both staff and other campers by encouraging kind and courteous communication.

Our third goal is for kids to have a blast! We want them to laugh and enjoy themselves so we give them ample opportunity to climb trees, build forts and invent games.

Q: Describe a typical day for a child attending your camp or program.

A: A typical day would look like:

  • 9am: Meet at weekly location
  • 9-9:45am: Free play & open activities
  • 9:45-10:15am: Morning circle & games
  • 10:15-11:15am: Nature exploration or Leadership Activities
  • 11:15-12:15pm: Lunch & free play
  • 12:15-1pm: Arts and crafts & games or Leadership Activities
  • 1pm: Pickup

Q: What is the staff to child ratio? Do you require training or background checks for your employees?

A: We maintain a 6:1 staffing ratio for our Nature Camp and 7:1 ratio for our Leaders & Entrepreneurs program. We cap each program with 12 kids/2 facilitators or 14 kids/2 facilitators respectively. Yes, every employee has completed a background check.

Kids working on a written leadership assignment.

Leaders & Entrepreneurs in action (Enriched Kids photo)

Q: What is the best part, in your opinion, about your camp or program?

A: The balance of freedom to explore/create with learning. We like to sprinkle the two together so kids have fun while enjoying a sense of accomplishment through interactive discovery of new topics.

Q: In what ways is your camp or program educational?

A: We inspire curiosity and build the foundations for a love of learning.

In our elementary Nature Camp, kids discover different aspects of nature, do science experiments, observe, compare, create and engage in fun, interactive activities that help them bring each topic to life.

In our Leaders & Entrepreneurs Camp, kids learn how to be strong and courageous leaders by building the foundational skills that grow confidence and resilience.

Q: What is the age and price range of your camp? Do you offer any scholarships?

A: We charge $295/week for Nature Camp – K-4th & for Leaders & Entrepreneurs – 5-9th.

We offer limited scholarships per session on a first come, first served basis.

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