The Santa Barbara Museum of Art announces two more nights of free films with a series entitled “Light Play and Abstract City” on Thursdays, Aug. 13 and 20 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Programmed by Peter Bloom, Professor of Film and Media Studies, and Colin Gardner, Professor of Art, UC Santa Barbara, this film series both addresses László Moholy-Nagy’s involvement with cinema as filmmaker, production designer and participant in the wide-ranging context of inter-war, avant-garde art and documentary filmmaking culture and highlights the function of urban space, abstraction, light play and experimental design.

Both screenings will take place at Mary Craig Auditorium at the Santa Barbara Museum of art, located at 1130 State Street.

For the “Abstract City” portion on Aug. 13, Peter Bloom will present Rain (dir. Joris Ivens, 1929, 12′), Urban Gypsies (dir. László Moholy-Nagy, 1932-33, 11′) and Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (dir. Walther Ruttman, 1928, 65’).

Colin Gardner will present “Light Play” on Aug. 20, including the following films: Rythmus 21 (dir. Hans Richter, 1921, 3’), Symphonie Diagonale (dir. Viking Eggeling, 1924, 5’), Anemic Cinema (dir. Marcel Duchamp, 1924, 6′), Ein Lichtspiel Schwarz Weiss grau [A Lightplay black white gray] (dir. László Moholy-Nagy, 1930-32, 5’17”), Opus I-IV (dir. Walther Ruttmann, 1921 – 25, 22′), L’Hippocampe [Seahorse] (dir. Jean Painlevé, 1935, 14′) and Lobsters (dir. László Moholy-Nagy, 1935, 16′).

—Katrina Carl is the public relations manager for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.