In an effort to promote responsible pet ownership and prevent accidental litters, agencies throughout Santa Barbara County are holding their annual Beat the Heat spay/neuter campaign, offering free spays and neuters for cats belonging to county residents.

Did you know that one unaltered female cat could deliver up to 20 kittens over the course of one year? In 2019 alone, 623 orphaned kittens have come into Santa Barbara County animal shelters. The public’s help is needed to stop this cycle.

Spaying or neutering cats or kittens can help prevent the birth of unwanted animals and decrease populations in local animal shelters.

Community members are asked to do their part by signing up pet cats or kittens for spay or neuter in September. Vaccinations, microchips and other services are provided for an additional cost. Call one of the following organizations to schedule an appointment:

Santa Barbara County Animal Services, Project PetSafe, 805-934-6968
• Santa Barbara Humane Society, 805-964-4777
• C.A.R.E.4Paws, 805-968-2273
• VIVA, 805-735-6741
• Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, 805-349-3435

— Jackie Ruiz for Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.