On Oct. 18, a panel of legal experts will detail how crooks use clever schemes to defraud their victims, including a large percentage of seniors.

The free discussion Stop the Scam is sponsored by the Lompoc Hospital District Foundation begins at 6 p.m. at Dick DeWees Community and Senior Center, 1120 W. Ocean Ave., in conjunction with the city of Lompoc’s Park and Recreation Division.

Three speakers will address scams about lottery winnings, technical support, phishing, and romance scams. Attendees will learn how to protect themselves and others, and understand the warning signs for various scams.

Detailed information will be offered on fraud prevention, intervention and victim support services.

Among the speakers are Vicki Johnson, a semi-retired senior deputy district attorney with the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office who has been a prosecutor for three decades. She has handled a variety of cases including identity theft, welfare and insurance fraud, domestic violence, child abuse, assault and battery, criminal threats and murder.

Also presenting will be Dayton Aldrich, a restitution specialist and victim advocate for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. Dayton is responsible for facilitating restitution claims for criminal cases.

Monica Zarate, a victim advocate for four years, will provide information as well. She works with individuals experiencing trauma, assisting them in navigating the criminal justice system.

One more foundation lecture scheduled this year, on Nov. 29. The Caregiver Information Session will also take place at the DeWees Center. The session will provide caregivers with essential information and resources.