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Housing Santa Barbara Day is for the community to meet with local affordable housing agencies and supportive service providers, while also attending workshops on housing related topics (Housing Santa Barbara photo)

Santa Barbara County is blessed with a diversity of vital nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the health, well-being, growth, civic leadership and compassion of our community.

Charitable giving and philanthropy are part of our identity, which is why Noozhawk is proud to support the nonprofit community through sponsoring local community organizations and events. 

To showcase our support as a sponsor of Housing Santa Barbara Day, Noozhawk spoke with Jerry Morales with Housing Santa Barbara to learn more about their upcoming event.

Question: What is the name & date of your event?

Answer: Housing Santa Barbara Day. Saturday, October 14th from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at De La Guerra Plaza

Q: What is the mission, goal, and/or theme of this occasion?

A: Housing Santa Barbara Day (HSBD), is a day of advocating for more affordable housing opportunities for all Santa Barbara residents from all income groups.

Housing affordability is vital for our homeless population, low-income residents, and for all workers in all industries that support our community.

It is also a great opportunity for residents to meet with over 30 local nonprofit agencies that provide affordable housing and supportive services.

Q: Have you held this event before?

A: Since 2018, we have organized Housing Santa Barbara Day. This will be our 6th annual event.

Q: Tell us some more details about your celebration?

A: This year’s event will be on Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at De La Guerra Plaza. HSBD is a free public event (no tickets or registration required) for the entire community.

Housing Santa Barbara Day is for community members to connect with over 30 local non-profit agencies and service providers, that are able to provide resources and guidance in the search for affordable housing. HSBD provides a centralized location for the community to speak with representatives from a wide collection of local agencies. Event attendees can participate in workshops about housing related topics and receive this year’s Affordable Housing Resource Guide.

This year’s workshops topics include home buyer down payment assistance, affordable home ownership, tenant rights and responsibilities, rental mediation, building credit, and financial literacy. The Affordable Housing Resource Guide is an annual guide listing local agencies and supportive services providers in our community that are committed to increasing affordable housing. Change starts with action! As the Santa Barbara community, we can work together to improve affordability and increase housing opportunities for all.

Q: How do people get involved with your event? (volunteer, attend, etc.) – If your event includes ticket sales, please note the price and include a link to purchase tickets.

A: Housing Santa Barbara Day is a free public event (not tickets or registration required) community event. Join us anytime during the event to explore all of the resources and attend our workshops.

Q: Is this a fundraising affair? If so, how will the funds raised help your organization?

A: Housing Santa Barbara Day is not in itself a fundraiser, but an opportunity to get resources for local affordable housing. For those that would like to donate for more housing related events, please visit www.2nd-story.org

Q: Who is sponsoring your event, and why is their support important?

A: Each year we partner with 2nd Story Associates to organize Housing Santa Barbara Day. 2nd Story Associates is a nonprofit corporation created to support the development of affordable housing and promote social services for the benefit of low-income members of the Santa Barbara community.

We also rely on support from our generous sponsors. Our sponsors this year include – Santa Barbara Foundation, Santa Barbara Community Housing Corporation, Montecito Bank & Trust, CommUnify, Good Samaritan Shelter, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara, Noozhawk, American Riviera Bank, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, and Chumash Foundation.

Q: Do you work with an Event Planner? If not, who are the key people who make it all happen?

A: The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara and 2nd Story Associates take the lead in planning this annual event. However, it would not be possible with out the help of various individuals from multiple agencies and non-profits. The support of our partner agencies and their continued contributions to this event, make it a yearly success.

Q: Does your organization have any other upcoming events this year?

A: Housing Santa Barbara Day is our only annual event, but on our website and social media accounts we share our partner agencies events. On our website and available for download, the Affordable Housing Resource Guide has updated information on housing and supportive services throughout Santa Barbara County

Q: What are you planning as a post-event follow up?

A: Our website, wwww.housingsantabarbara.org is available for visitors to learn more about our mission, our annual HSBD event, access the current version of our yearly Affordable Housing Resource Guide, and more.

We continually update the website throughout the year, for visitors to receive the most up-to-date affordable housing news and answers to their housing related questions. We also maintain a collection of past year’s workshops and publication materials from agencies that tabled at HSBD.

We also regularly post on our social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook – @housingsantabarbara) to share community events and resources.

Throughout the year our, Affordable Housing Resource Guide, is available on our website. It is an annual guide listing local agencies and supportive services providers in our community that are committed to increasing affordable housing. To increase accessibility the Resource Guide is available in both English and Spanish.

To attend or learn more about Housing Santa Barbara Day click HERE.

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