La Cumbre Plaza has been transforming in recent years with more than 75 artists — painters, photographers and sculptors — now showing their works in a number of art venues. 

Photograph shows the back half of a vintage pink Cadillac with iconic tail fins and white-wall tires. The Caddie is parked next to a white ramshackle building with a pink roof. There is an even older rusted out car behind the Cadillac.
Felice Willat’s photo ‘Pink Cadillac’ is among the artworks on display at La Cumbre Plaza. Credit: Felice Willat

The first arrival was LCCCA, a group of 24 artists who took a chance on the under-occupied shopping center and committed to three vacant spaces.

“Mall management was skeptical about a rag tag bunch of artists” said Mike Cregan, LCCCA’s entrepreneurial leader. “They must have wondered if we would be painting the sidewalks. If we would fit in? Most importantly; could we pay the rent?”

Now, The Arts Fund, Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences and The Grace Fisher Foundation, and Voice Magazine have joined LCCCA at La Cumbre mall. The result is diverse art, creative local creators and a venue to view a range of work.

To celebrate four years at La Cumbre, LCCCA, along with the other galleries, invite community members to a birthday bash, 5-8 p.m. Nov. 17 at La Cumbre Plaza.

Guests can enjoy entertainment and activities like The Bubble Guy, State Street Ballet Company, Nomad Tango, live music including Argentinian tango, body painting, and video projection.

LCCCA’s fine-portrait photographer Kenji will be offer mini-portrait sessions, and visitors can try their own artistic hand on a large canvas for a group painting.

The Grace Fisher Foundation will have art table crafts and a photo scavenger hunt. Wine and snacks will be available in each gallery.