For all Americans who thrill at the murder and dismemberment of men, women and children who pose no threat to American lives or safety – murder committed by their government, their police or privately-organized groups – especially when the dead and maimed are of other countries, other religions, other skin colors: *

For all Americans who view the military, war-justified murder and dismemberment of innocent persons as a sort of football game to be applauded if winning 49-3 or to be ignored if losing:

For all Americans who wake up each morning feeling more alive and important knowing that their country has invaded and smashed another region:

For all Americans who can’t be bothered to arouse in themselves active, vocal opposition to something dimly perceived as tyranny that has actually turned on them:

I recommend a look at “The White Helmets,” a documentary film depicting the dedicated, selfless activity of Syrian men and women who devote themselves to the rescue of men, women and children buried in the rubble of bombed Aleppo.

The film is available to all who have access to Netflix via Roku or similar means.

I will not try to describe what can only be understood and felt when seeing it.

The point not to be missed is that everything seen in “The White Helmets” – every event, every expressed feeling, every bodily portrayal – is daily occurring throughout Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere in the Middle-East and is brought to us not only by the Syrian government, Russia and Isis, but by the United States, Britain, France and Australia.

Have a look at “The White Helmets.” Have a look in the mirror.

*“Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans” (ABC News, Sept. 27, 2010)

William Smithers
Santa Barbara