The debate over illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies are at the forefront. A recent February ICE “ decliner retainer” report shows the lack of support ICE is getting.

Violent criminal illegals are being released. From Feb. 4-10, 47 retainer requests were denied and among those released were criminals with convictions for assault,domestic violence, and DUI. Even worse, “ law enforcement agencies” (LEA) do not generally advise ICE of when a detainer is not honored.

So the actual number of denied retainers is likely much higher.

Who are the worst offenders or jurisdictions that refuse to comply with our laws and help ICE? According to the Daily Caller and the ICE report, ICE issued 2, 235 detainer requests nationwide between Feb.4-10th. 540 went to 10 jurisdictions that do not comply.

Included: Santa Barbara County with 24 requests declined. 

This is lawlessness. This is putting the rights of criminals before average Americans. This is on every politician that goes along with this, including local politicians.

Diana Thorn