It is always a subject of comic relief to me to read or hear the outrage and rhetoric of ignoramuses when those qualities support a political ideology. Mr. Justin Ruhge’s nonsense about our nation’s medical insurance coverage program begins and ends with demonstrations of ignorance that boggle the mind and invalidate his claims.

Let’s start with his adoration of the word “socialist” and “socialism.” Ruhge is clearly ignorant of what socialism really is.

A good dictionary definition holds that socialism is “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Now, doesn’t that sound sort of the opposite of what this guy wants it to mean? He criticizes President Barack Obama, former President Lyndon Johnson and, I guess, anyone who would dare to advocate for a national health-care program as “socialists.” In fact, it appears that many of the civilized countries in the world have national health-care programs. So, if these rotten egg “socialist” presidents and government that impose a benefit of health care on us are wrong, where does that leave the community that owns and regulates production, distribution and exchange?

Or have I forgotten that Ruhge considers the community naive?

His comment that Medicare is “the biggest, most invasive socialist (here he goes again) government program in our history” leaves out Social Security, a program I am sure he would not give up (if he’s retired) and that is larger than Medicare. In fact, he even defends Social Security against Medicare. This is really a rhyming couplet that doesn’t rhyme.

Then, Rughe launches into a complete untruth when he says, “Half the people die before receiving any benefits nor do their heirs.” What? If any of you readers can figure out what he’s talking about, please let me know.

Finally, we get the extreme, idiotic ideology that spurred his previous indictment of health care. Rughe grits his teeth and says: “All of the funds go into that Washington socialist (once again) sinkhole of wealth distribution.”

And this is the core of it. Ignorance about wealth distribution is a major problem in this country today. It’s why the middle class and the poorest of us are going under. There simply is not a reasonable distribution of wealth in work to prevent that. Or would Rughe prefer to have an oligarchy that owns and controls most of the wealth, as is the case today while the rest of us ask for alms?

Instead of making stupid, uninformed statements that reek of fragile ideology, why doesn’t he ask the right questions (and I don’t mean the extreme right) in order to get decent answers? Then he might write to the editor about something creative and acceptable instead of this trash.

Lee Rosenberg