In a mural called 'Feeding Time,' the huge toothy jaws of a green-scaled dinosaur appear to be reaching out from the picture ready to chomp on a couple of passers-by.
A Lompoc mural called 'Feeding Time' offers viewers a playful photo op. Credit: Dustin Waller

Explore Lompoc invites community members to experience local works of art found in unexpected places. Among those creations is Lompoc’s outdoor mural gallery.

Fan of art, history and exploration can take a self-guided tour of Lompoc’s murals. The Explore Lompoc tour wanders through the city’s streets while unveil the stories and creativity that adorn the city’s walls.

The outdoor mural gallery is open 24/7. Most of the artwork is in Lompoc’s downtown and can be accessed on foot.

The Lompoc Mural Project was conceived in 1988 when Gene and Judy Stevens visited Chemainus, British Columbia. There they saw how a small community of just 3,500 residents harnessed the power of art as a primary tool for economic revitalization.

The Stevens brought the idea back to Lompoc, and in 1989, Lompoc’s first mural, “Flower Industry” was born.

The mural collection has grown to include more than 40 murals, including commissioned artworks, as well as those painted in a single day or over a weekend by community volunteers.

The murals are curated and maintained by members of the Lompoc Mural Society.

Each mural depicts a story of the inhabitants of the Lompoc Valley, along with their rich cultural and artistic contributions.

They murals serve as a visual narrative, showcasing everything from the city’s earliest settlers to the world-renowned wines produced in the region.

The Chumash Indians mural tells the story of the Chumash Indigenous people, who were among the earliest inhabitants of the Central Coast centuries ago.

The “Flowers of the Valley” captures the city’s floral allure on the front of several garage doors showcasing different flowers that are currently cultivated or have historically thrived in the Lompoc Valley.

To learn the stories behind 16 of Lompoc’s most popular murals, click here.

Download and use the Mural Map or stop by the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau for a map and tips on places to see and things to do along the route.

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