Santa Barbara-based ProBand Sports Industries rang in 2023 by receiving MedTech Outlook’s Top Physiotherapy Solution Provider Award of 2022.

In 2021 ProBand Sports Industries was awarded the Top Orthopedic Solution Provider of 2021 for its innovative wearable technology designed to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and prevent injury in athletes and people in the workforce.

“It’s an honor serving our customers and we’re grateful to be recognized for our efforts in providing the highest quality products that deliver the best results for people suffering from repetitive stress injuries,” said Justin Fareed, president/CEO of ProBand.

Wearable pain relief aids like Proband’s KneedIT and BandIT are gaining traction as natural and non-invasive alternatives to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to improve mobility, and manage and prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI), such as osteoarthritis and tendonitis, Fareed said.

A recent study presented at the Radiological Society of North America was conducted on the long-term effects of treating osteoarthritis with NSAIDs, Proband reports.

Results showed these medications commonly used to treat inflammation in osteoarthritis patients demonstrated no positive impact on joint inflammation and can actually be detrimental to the cartilage in your joints over time.

As a result, many medical practitioners are looking beyond these medications for new preventative and treatment methods for osteoarthritis patients, Proband said.

“Wearing pain relief aids like the KneedIT is a more sustainable solution for RSIs because it heals while it relieves pain and can be worn for long periods of time,” said Dr. Mark Brisby.

“NSAIDs seem like they’re healing these injuries because they temporarily relieve pain, but the damage they can cause to your cartilage in the long run isn’t worth it,” Brisby said.

As a drug-free solution to not only relieving pain from inflammation but healing it from the inside out, ProBand is filling a gap in a market that is oversaturated with medications that come with long lists of side effects, Fareed said.

ProBand will continue advocating for natural healing in 2023 as more studies point to the unparalleled benefits.

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