Santa Barbara Mayor Randy Rowse emailed the following statement to Noozhawk on Saturday afternoon:

“The crime committed on Stearn’s Wharf in December was horrific, random and senseless. This tragic act cost the life of an innocent bystander who, as we understand it now, was enjoying our city as a visitor. This is absolutely unacceptable. The level of crime of any kind that can be tolerated is zero, but this event was particularly heinous.

“The police work involved to investigate this crime was performed in a deliberate, precise way and resulted in the identification and arrests of seven suspects. These actors are now off of our streets and facing the full measure of the law. The thorough and patient procedures followed by our law enforcement personnel, while criticized by some, will help to ensure that the victim’s loved ones can begin to receive some closure.

“I am proud of the work done by our police department and their collaboration with other agencies to bring this tragic episode to a final resolution. The information collected in the process should also help serve to protect and defend this community from a recurrence of these events going forward.”

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Randy Rowse is Santa Barbara’s mayor. He can be contacted at The opinions expressed are his own.