Rebecca Bjork

Rebecca Bjork

City of Santa Barbara Public Works Director Christine Andersen will retire from her position on Nov. 1. City Administrator Jim Armstrong has appointed Rebecca Bjork to serve as the interim public works director to oversee the city’s transportation system, water and wastewater facilities, and city-owned buildings and fleet.

Since 2007, Bjork has served as the city’s water resources manager responsible for the water and wastewater utilities which include the operation and maintenance of the Cater Water Treatment Plant and the El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As head of the Water Resources Division, she provides oversight for a $50 million budget and 124 staff.

She joined the City of Santa Barbara in 1989. She received a bachelor’s degree from Grinnell College and a master’s degree from California State University-Northridge.

An executive recruitment process is under way with a permanent appointment anticipated by February 2014.

— Nina Johnson is an administrative assistant for the City of Santa Barbara.