Interior designer Tamara Ruccione, founder of Santa Barbara Staging Solutions, has expanded her business to include staging retirement communities.

Tamara Ruccione

Tamara Ruccione

“Many seniors have come from homes where they have collected 50 to 60 years worth of furnishings,” Ruccione said. “It can be difficult for them to imagine how they could live comfortably in two or three rooms. A well-staged model can help them make that transition and visualize themselves living well in their later years.”

Ruccione has had tremendous success staging retirement home models. Her success has not only helped seniors feel more comfortable, it has also helped retirement communities from Santa Barbara to San Diego increase their sales and rentals.

For years, seniors have waited on long lists to be accepted into retirement communities; however, with the downturn in the economy these same communities saw a decline in applicants and started struggling to fill their vacancies.

When communities were full, managers would give potential residents tours of residents’ living quarters. With the rise in vacancies, this is no longer the case. Ruccione recently started staging a few empty models for managers to showcase rather than showing empty rooms. This gives vacancies a more cohesive, professional appearance and has given retirement communities tremendous success. Sales and rentals have shot back up as a result.

Staging retirement communities is a new branch of Ruccione’s already established business, Santa Barbara Staging Solutions, through which she helps people sell their homes by providing furnishings, organizing, decluttering, arranging furniture for optimal flow and accessorizing.

“We offer a full array of furniture, lamps, rugs, plants, trees, accessories, bedding, dishware and outdoor furniture,” Ruccione said. “Our details make the difference.”

She now uses those same details to help seniors transition more easily and to help retirement homes stay in business.

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— Jennifer Goddard Combs is a publicist representing Santa Barbara Staging Solutions.