Santa Barbara MTD has launched MTD Moves Ahead, a community process to create a Short Range Transit Plan that will guide bus service development, infrastructure investment, and capital needs for MTD’s bus system over the next five years.

New residential developments, changes to commutes, technology and the economy all mean an opportunity to rethink transit on Santa Barbara County’s South Coast.
To prioritize the community’s needs and desires for bus service, MTD is seeking broad community input from everyone — people who ride the bus and those who don’t, employees, employers, students, people with disabilities, seniors, and civic leaders.

The process begins with a virtual listening session, 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 20, where attendees will be asked to weigh in on what is most important to them in a bus system. Interested individuals can register here for the listening session. Spanish/English interpretation will be provided.

Additionally, an interactive website with project information and a short survey is available in English at and at in Spanish.