According to a recent report from Cox Communications, conducted by a third-party research firm, customers enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and/or who use Cox’s Connect2Compete (C2C) service, are experiencing positive impacts to their careers, their children’s education, and to the continuing education of adults in their household.

Cox’s commitment to narrowing the digital divide began 20 years ago with Connect2Compete for families with K-12 children. Today, Cox administers the federal government’s ACP program to deliver financial relief to customers, and recently launched ConnectAssist, a low-cost solution for veterans, senior citizens, and Americans with disabilities.

C2C and ConnectAssist customers can receive free internet when the ACP benefit is applied. 
Key findings from the October 2022 report, which surveyed more than 2,000 customers, found:
• About half have home internet for the first time
• 70 percent credit home internet for finding a new job or a better job
• Half said they got a promotion or an increase in pay
• 90 percent said they are now doing homework at home
• Half said they are now able to apply to college and apply for financial aid
• Half said they have gotten certified in a specific skill or trade
• One third reported they are a first-generation college graduate in their family as a result of home internet
• 90 percent of households say Cox internet access has had a positive impact on their children’s education
• Customers used words such as grateful, relieved and blessed to describe having internet for the first time

“Internet access at home is an important service to earn a quality education and to meet one’s professional goals,” said Mark Greatrex, president of Cox Communications. “This research shows how our customers’ lives are bettered by having an affordable internet connection at home.

“We’re fully committed to our digital equity efforts and empowering more people to get connected and thrive in today’s world.”

Of the positive impacts that stem from Cox internet access, 93 percent of ACP and C2C customers indicate they’re able to pay their bills on time more easily, and 95 percent of C2C customers say it provides a way for their family to spend more time together.

Additionally, nine out of 10 ACP and C2C customers say Cox internet allows their children to access educational resources, do homework, and participate in remote learning, and it better enables the adult(s) in the household to communicate with the child’s teacher.

“I was unable to afford internet service prior to this opportunity,” said a Cox customer using the C2C service. “My daughter couldn’t to do her homework at home, and I was unable to take her to the public library.” 
The 2022 Cox Digital Equity Research report was based on a survey of Cox customers enrolled in the ACP and/or C2C services. For more about Cox’s Affordability Program, visit