Michael Cobb, owner of Sort This Out Cellars, overhauled his former “man cave” that was nestled in the back room of his wine tasting room 1.5 years ago and went full tilt with a new speakeasy-style tiki bar. (Tara Jones Haaf photo)

When I think of Solvang I think aebleskivers and wooden shoes.

I don’t often go to Solvang, because I used to think that if you’ve been once or twice you’ve seen it all.

But lately I’ve been poking around that little town and have found there are more than just baked goods and an endless string of wine tasting rooms all boasting a similar gimmick.

Behind the wine bar of Sort This Out Cellars, which has a kicky rockabilly vibe to it, lies hidden High Roller Tiki Lounge.

If you’ve ever wanted to sit on the set of Gilligan’s Island and knock back a drink or two in an authentic tiki mug, this is the place to do it.

Owner Michael Cobb has drawn on his past years as a Disney employee, vast knowledge of what he calls “tikibilly” culture, and 10 years as a winemaker to create a literal oasis in the center of the quirky Danish village.

You should know, though, that these tiki drinks aren’t typical tiki fare as all the cocktails on the menu are wine-based.

The Chardonnay-based Painkiller cocktail drinks like a piña colada.

The Chardonnay-based Painkiller cocktail drinks like a piña colada. (Tara Jones Haaf photo)

And after swilling a few of Cobb’s libations, I think I may prefer his “winetails” to the traditional rum.

“This Drink Will Get You Lei’d”, one of the drinks on the menu, is not surprisingly Cobb’s bestseller.

Made with Chardonnay, passion fruit, ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice, this drink harmoniously blends a fruity flavor with hints of lychee.

Bonus: You actually get ​lei’d when you order this drink.

My favorite on the menu, however, was the Painkiller.

While a far cry from the traditional version of the cocktail, the Chardonnay-based creamy coconut concoction really hits the spot on a hot summer afternoon and drinks like a piña colada.

“This Drink Will Get You Lei’d” is the bestseller at High Roller Tiki Lounge.

“This Drink Will Get You Lei’d” is the bestseller at High Roller Tiki Lounge.  (Tara Jones Haaf photo)

Cobb’s tiki bar has become a pit stop for serious tiki tour goers and will definitely be a place I’ll be visiting more than once or twice.

Sort This Out Cellars and High Roller Tiki Lounge is located at 1636 Copenhagen Dr., Solvang.

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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