Holiday movie night in. (Cox Communication’s photo)

If the holidays are hectic and stressful as you shop for the perfect gift for family and friends or prepare your house for guests, give yourself a gift and unwrap all of the holiday entertainment available on Cox Contour – whether it’s unwinding to traditional Christmas music or watching a beloved classic holiday movie that conjures heartwarming memories of your childhood.

Holiday Movies. Whether it’s watching a favorite classic like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or a modern-day favorite like “Elf,” you’re sure to find a movie that warms the heart, generates a Santa belly laugh, or inspires you to volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas day. Peruse Contour’s On Demand library where you’ll find many titles available for free depending on your Contour service. Or use your Cox DVR to record holiday movies on cable networks like Lifetime and Hallmark Channel and create your own holiday movie library that you can access even after the Christmas tree comes down. To find a movie using your Contour voice remote, say the name of the movie or “holiday movies” to pull up available titles. Or press the Contour button and scroll through the Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas and Lifetime Movie Club Holiday categories. And don’t forget to access movies with your Netflix and Prime Video subscriptions on your television using the Contour app.

Yule Logs and Yule Dogs. What better way is there to relax than listening to “Jingle Bells” while watching adorable puppies playing around the Christmas tree wearing Santa hats? Besides offering a traditional television Yule Log of a crackling fire and holiday music, Contour also offers screensavers and variations of the yule log for people of all ages. There’s classical music with Nutcracker Sweet, rock music holiday songs with Broman the Snowman or Yule Dogs, among others. And if you’re more of a cat person, select Purrfect Presents to watch the cutest kittens Santa could find as they climb into gift boxes and play with presents. With Contour yule logs and screensavers on your television, you don’t need a dog, a cat or a fireplace in every room to enjoy the season.

Music Choice.  No need to download classic and current holiday songs or go searching for that box of old holiday CDs. With a selection of stations on Music Choice such as Songs of the Season on Channel 941, you can pipe the perfect yuletide music directly from your TV while you’re hosting friends, baking your favorite dessert or wrapping gifts.  Just go to your Cox Contour TV guide, choose one of the Music Choice channels, and check one more thing off your holiday party To Do list. 

So grab a cup of steaming hot cocoa, your favorite blanket and your Contour remote and savor the sights and sounds, and fun, of the holidays.

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