The Coffee Party movement is a result of the failure of the Tea Party movement to realize its potential. Giving a voice to the people outside of the corporate and labor lobbies is important and much needed, but the Tea Party groups quickly got bogged down with partisan politics. As an example, the voices vying for leadership of the Tea Party seem to be Karl Rove and Ron Paul, one a Republican president maker and the other a Republican presidential candidate.

The real Tea Party in Boston was a reaction against the use of government and taxes to advance the monopoly that the East India Company had in tea. It was an anti-corporatist movement if there ever was one. Regulating the financial industry is perhaps our most important challenge and one the Tea Party people are opposed to. Hopefully, the Coffee Party will take it on!

Coffee became popular in the U.S.A. because of the monopoly on tea that the East India Company had and the taxes it had government levy, so it is a great name for the counterculture of the Tea Party.

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Lane Anderson
Aboard the Pelamis, Catalina Island