The legislature on Monday passed Senate Bill 71 — authored by state Sens. Alex Padilla, Tony Strickland and Elaine Alquist — to provide tax incentives for manufacturers of renewable energy technologies that locate in California or remain in California.

The bill passed unanimously in both houses.

“SB 71 will help transition California to a more renewable, energy-efficient economy,” Strickland said. “Green technology manufacturing is important for several reasons. It provides a positive impact on the environment, creates much-needed jobs at a crucial time, and moves California towards greater energy independence.

“This bill is the result of a bipartisan effort to find common ground and create a better business climate in California. Jumpstarting the green technology industry is a win-win for California — jobs are created and the environment is benefited.

“Prosperity and responsible stewardship of our environment are not mutually exclusive. This legislation is an excellent example.”

SB 71 is awaiting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature and will go into effect immediately.

— Matt Guthrie is a communications director for Sen. Tony Strickland, who represents California Senate District 19.